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sales communication training vancouver Mitra Lohrasb Harvard Advantage

Elite Sales, Service and Management Communication Training

Business is about Relationships.
Quality Communication = Quality Relationships.

People neglect, overlook, and blow business opportunities everyday without even knowing it.   Why?  Because everyone has their own style of communicating, patterns in behaving, and ways of perceiving the world around them.   They base their Sales, Management and Customer Service styles on those, rather than on how other people Communicate, Understand, and are Influenced.  This means they are successful to some extent, small or large, but what about all the other times?

The mission of The Harvard Advantage Consulting & Training is to provide the kinds of training courses that help you maximize your success as a Business owner, Manager, Team Leader, Salesperson, Advisor, and Customer Service provider, all the time.

What we do We create the most influential communicators; accelerating their personal successes, escalating their company profits, and energizing their self-confidence.
How we do it By combining Harvard Research and training in Communication with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technology - the most advanced and influential Mental, Verbal and Behaviour skills.
  1. Immediately begin creating better opportunities, relationships and results.
  2. Acquire new customers and up-sell existing customers.
  3. Manage people, their needs, and their conflicts -- easier, faster, and more effectively.
  4. Establish a more cohesive, content, and resourceful working environment.
  5. Cement customer loyalty, turning them into your #1 advertiser
  6. Influence anyone, at any level: any age, any gender, any race, any economic status, and any intellectual level.
  7. Overall, become more Effective, more Efficient and more Profitable.
Examples: People like Anthony Robbins and former President Bill Clinton are as phenomenally influential as they are because they studied and have mastered the uses of these NLP skills.

So how important is personal and professional communication to your business? How much training do you do in it now?

Contact us today and get the training that is going to catapult you to success, with The Harvard Advantage.

Want Cutting Edge Training?
The Harvard
Advantage teaches superior skills that influence people and turn them into new, satisfied, and loyal customers.
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Learn a powerful and practical system of communicating that is guaranteed to create any type of success you want.

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