sales communication training vancouver Mitra Harvard Advantage
sales communication training vancouver Mitra Lohrasb Harvard Advantage

What You'll Learn

Maximize Your Influence

Master your power to influence others by developing sensory acuity, building rapid rapport, and understanding the thinking patterns of others.  Influence anyone at any level.

Exercise Linguistic Power

Learn to use language patterns that effect people on conscious and subconscious levels, to achieve your desired results.  Develop powerful questioning techniques to truly understand your customer’s needs and develop your people’s potential.

Save Time

Distinguish how another learns, relates, and is convinced of things, so you will communicate your message effectively the first time around.

Leverage Non-Verbal Power

Words only account for 7% of our communication.  Learn to use posture, voice patterns, and tone to create trust.  Observe and use body language to connect easily and confidently to all types of people.

Understand Decision-Making & Motivation

Learn to identify each person’s decisions-making style and motivation trigger; then how to use that knowledge to influence them quickly and get the results you want.

Nail that Sale

Discover how to embed commands to avoid resistance and win over hard-to-handle prospects.  Ensure you and your clients achieve your desired goals - a win-win result every time.

Predict People More Accurately

Learn a few simple questions to help you predict how people will act in different situations – enabling you to be effective and efficient.  This also gives management the insight to select the right people for the job and develop highly efficient teams that deliver results.

Flex Your Choices

Learn to create more flexible, productive and profitable choices, for yourself and your customers.

Strategic Goal-Setting and Achieving Formula

Learn how to find out what you really want and how to set goals in a way that makes them compelling and achievable!  You can make your career/business aspirations your reality using this NLP Formula.

With The Harvard Advantage Communication Training, your investment in yourself will be exponentially rewarded.  Contact us to get started today.

You can see our Client List and Testimonials for more details on how we've improved revenue and communications success for other companies.

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