sales communication training vancouver Mitra Harvard Advantage
sales communication training vancouver Mitra Lohrasb Harvard Advantage


At The Harvard Advantage, we've made the difference in successful communication for over 20 companies and hundreds of lives.  Here's what some of our clients had to say:

"Since taking the Neuro Linguistic Programming training through The Harvard Advantage, our company sales have grown to monthly highs of between 20-40%.  I am confident that with the association and support given by Mitra Lohrasb and our continued work together, we will be achieving even greater heights.  This is one course everyone should take."

Chuck Cruz, Owner
Postnet Yaletown

"Throughout my automobile career, I have dealt with many sales trainers; trainers that have disrupted my sales process and have made attempts to so-call re-invent the wheel.  Your methods, your style, your process and professionalism were very impressive.  Your ability to bring out the best in each of my salespeople was truly admirable.  Vancouver Chrysler recently experienced a record month in sales and profits and I feel I owe a lot of our success as a result of your two-day training program."

Danny Blanchard, Sales Manager
Vancouver Chrysler

"Mitra's communication training has helped us in dealing with the very sensitive needs of our residents, since we use dogs to secure the premises.  It made the difference between keeping and losing a site contract worth $50,000 last year.  She also gave me details on how to use special language and presentation when I'm looking for new business, which is different for each building.  And she created a more positive and energetic attitude in my guards, so my employee turnaround has decreased."

Sam Shook, Owner
Spartac K-9 Security Services

"Excellent models of communication strategies and techniques.  I thought the program was very useful in my day to day activities at work."

Tyler Johnson, Senior Manager
AWM-Alliance Real Estate Group

"Fabulous....The saying goes: "Give the client what they want" - and with training from The Harvard Advantage, I'm now equipped with the listening and mental skills to determine exactly what they want, how they want it, and ensure I've built a solid trust relationship that will mean business and cooperation in the future."

Lara Spence, Principal
Lara Spence Web Design

"The material is very practical and useful for me personally and professionally. Eye opening."

Jennifer Correa, Real Estate Agent
Multiple Realty Ltd.

"Mitra always delivered a professional demeanor with a personable approach.  She's an extremely compassionate person who I felt went beyond others in her profession.  The lessons I've learned are priceless, and have made a huge impact."

Tina C., Designer

"Thank you for the two days of training.  It was very complete and the notes you left us are great because they will allow me to get the most out of this very intensive course.  Using some of your techniques, I have already noticed an improvement in my relationships with the customers: I know better what to look for, how to listen and it help me "connect" with them better, establish trust and generate more sales!  Thanks a lot and good luck to you."

Benoit Manquant, Lease Manager
Vancouver Chrysler

"Mitra's training gave me new tools and skills.  She opened up possibilities and showed me choices I could not see.  Her work, however, is not for the weak of heart because her style demands results."

G.H, Manager

"Simple instructions and extremely useful."

Khashayar Khosravi, President
Adore Inc

"I am a person who relies on instincts both in business and personally. There are times I think when we all question our discerning abilities with people. After taking Mitra's Lie Detection class I can see how the simple tools she uses can really help out in these situations. Her techniques are very tangible and easy to learn and help boost one's overall awareness through simple daily exercises. I highly recommend her Lie Detection class to anyone who wants to enhance his or her abilities to read people."

Cherise Jacques, Independent Marketing Executive
Freelife International

"The Harvard Advantage Lie Detection Course helped me to become more aware of who is telling tales, I recommend others to take this informative course"

Joe Heilman, President
Heilman Construction Ltd.

"Both in my job, and personally, I deal with a lot of people. Since taking The Harvard Advantage Lie Detection Class, I am able to make decisions faster and with less stress, because I have a lot less doubt whether I'm reading someone right or not. Thanks Mitra"

J.R. Propp, Manager
Blackwell Distributors Ltd.

"Mitra and The Harvard Advantage training program were greatly beneficial for our company. We have learned invaluable techniques for interacting with clients that have positively impacted our business.  Mitra's strong leadership quality and extensive knowledge made the course comprehensive, applicable, and fun!  Specifically, Mitra's training on the power of language has changed the way I talk to our clients; someone who phones us and is right away apprehensive, and or somewhat defensive, I now have the skills to ask questions and change my language usage to open the lines of communication, and make them feel more comfortable, increasing the chance of them coming on board.  I recommend this training session to anyone who wants to improve the way they communicate in a more honest and influential way."

Susan Semeniw, President
Divine Intervention Matchmaking

"Public speaking is an essential skill required in my position as President of a company offering unique investment opportunities, yet there are very few training courses available that don't seem to require you to go on an expensive and time consuming retreat.  Mitra Lohrasb's combination of knowledge and skills are ideally suited to providing the kind of training I needed.  Mitra gave us a pile of techniques and know-how we could readily put to immediate use, and I started using these in my seminar presentations in Calgary and Vancouver.  I look forward to the next Harvard Advantage course so I can build on what I learned and develop my skills further."

Frederick Margel, President
London Pier Properties Ltd.

"I have not had much experience speaking in public in the past; however, as my role within my new company continues to increase I have been subjected to many public speaking tasks.   Initially I would feel my heart beat faster and my mouth go dry as it came closer for me to speak, but after taking The Harvard Advantage's Public Speaking Class, I have reigned in my fears and learned what caused them, so that I may understand how to conquer and move past those obstructions.  I just recently spoke in front of 200+ people and was amazed at the ease that I felt in front of such a large crowd.  I feel I can communicate to the group rather than talk at them as well as think on my feet with confidence rather than fear the unknown.  Thank you Mitra!"

Katie Schomaker, Sales Consultant
Streamline Group

"Mitra's seminar on Public Speaking gave me easy tips that help to re-balance my energy and calm my nerves.  They were all simple exercises that I do regularly and have made a big impact on my networking skills.  Not only is Mitra a great teacher, she also made me feel comfortable and gave me helpful tips to fine-tune my speaking skills.  I would recommend this course to anybody who would like to enhance their public speaking or who just want to feel more empowered in their own body.  Thank-you Mitra for helping me feel more confident and for showing me how to better connect myself with all of the people in my life!"

Joanna Konkin, Owner
Jo's Toes & Esthetics

"Mitra's class was very useful and practical to help me become a better speaker. She is a great teacher."

Jenny Hughes, Co-Founder
Bring Your Own Bag

"I thought the public speaking class was greatly beneficial for my needs in improving my confidence and helping me understand more precisely what I need to do when standing up and taking the floor at public events.
Thanks Mitra."

Riaz Khan, Travel Account Manager
Brave New World Travel

"In past 10 years, I have conducted a lot of seminars, delivered presentations and stood in front of over 50,000 people to discuss my ideas. Fear of crowds was never my issue but by learning the techniques in your class, I am a much more effective speaker with greater control inside and out."

Ramin Erfanian, CEO
Vivital Enterprises Inc.

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