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Truth-Lie Detection (2.5 hours)

"Become a Human Lie Detector and Never Get Duped Again"

Have you ever wondered if someone was being completely honest with you? Do you think you can read people right, every time? Are you willing to risk your personal and business decisions on it?


1. Salespeople

Wouldn't you like to know if you're getting a fair deal from a Salesperson or a Vendor?

How about if your Employee or Co-worker is being less than straight with you?

Would you like to know if a Customer/Client is being honest when they approach you with a dispute or a complaint?

2. Customers

Research shows that 80% of the time people don't actually reveal everything they need, and that will impact how effective you can be. If you are able to identify when that's happening, you can assist your Customer, Client, Patient, or Employee to disclose more to you.

Your Decisions, your Sales, your Reputation, and their Satisfaction depend on it.

3. Partner
Adult Family

Have you ever invested your valuable time, money, and feelings with someone, only to find out down the road that the person was not as sincere or trustworthy as you'd thought?

What about your child? Can you tell when he/she is "fibbing"? Are you sure? Since it affects the immediate choices/decisions you make for them, shouldn't you be certain?

How about that one cousin, sibling, or in-law you've been wondering about?

Make the best decisions for you and for your business, based on the facts, not fiction, or creative interpretations of the truth.

  1. How people process questions.
  2. How to identify in a short period of time, Visually and Verbally, when someone is telling you the truth, and when they are not being straightforward.
  3. How to individualize this technique for accuracy rather than generalizations.


  1. Save your Time
  2. Save your Money
  3. Prevent Conflicts and Stress
  4. Make fully informed decisions
  5. Maintain your good reputation
  6. Eliminate negative elements from your business and your life.
  7. Learn a practical skill that few people in the world possess.


"I am a person who relies on instincts both in business and personally. There are times I think when we all question our discerning abilities with people. After taking Mitra's Lie Detection class I can see how the simple tools she uses can really help out in these situations. Her techniques are very tangible and easy to learn and help boost one's overall awareness through simple daily exercises. I highly recommend her Lie Detection class to anyone who wants to enhance his or her abilities to read people."

Cherise Jacques, Independent Marketing Executive
Freelife International

"The Harvard Advantage Lie Detection Course helped me to become more aware of who is telling tales, I recommend others to take this informative course"

Joe Heilman
President, Heilman Construction Ltd.

"Both in my job, and personally, I deal with a lot of people. Since taking The Harvard Advantage Lie Detection Class, I am able to make decisions faster and with less stress, because I have a lot less doubt whether I'm reading someone right or not. Thanks Mitra"

J.R. Propp
Manager, Blackwell Distributors Ltd.

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